To enhance more flavour of your healthy salad, Seafood and Thai Salad as less fat and this sauce is suit for dipping, dressing your green or garden salad. This sauce could apply a Thai signature dish as Thai Papaya Salad. Siam Pantry proudly brings the new experience of Seafood and Thai Salad from secret recipe to your home.

Seafood & Thai Salad Sauce 1000 ml

  • Seafood and Thai Salad is contained Chilli, Sugar, Fish Sauce, Garlic and Vinegar, Coriander Blade, Salt, and Modified Starch.


    The product could be keep in ambient (room temperature) for 18 months before opened and it is recommend for using within 3 days after opened and keep in the refrigerator.


    No Preservative / No Artificial Colouring